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Ms PacmanMs Pacman
Ms. Pacman is a favourite construction game free by Midway in 1981. This supplement to Pac-Man differs from its predecessor on the fact...
Pacman OriginalPacman Original
Pac-Man is an old school arcade produced by Namco and made licensed for distribution in the United States, by Midway, This game was fir...
Pac-man Christmas SpecialPac-man Christmas Special
This is a Christmas Pacman Flash Game. Its just like the original except it has different graphics and exciting story elements. Its h...
Pac RunPac Run
Run away from the ghost in this non-maze form of pacman. Its pretty cool because there are hundreds of ghosts sometimes instead of 5.
Pacman FlashPacman Flash
This is the original Pacman game that you grew up with and loved as a child. You can play Free Pacman right here!
Bloody PacmanBloody Pacman
When Pacman kills the ghosts..the blood goes SPLAT
Pac ParkPac Park
Use the mark keys to advise Pac, easterly every the chromatic dots, take the black dots for incentive points, and refrain the enemies!
This is the prototypal game of Anti-Games series. This game is disobedient to Pacman. You curb the ghosts and staleness grownup Pacman ...
This is a really dumb Pacman Game that is in french, I thought I would include it just because its soo stupid that its almost funny.
Mario PacmanMario Pacman
Instead of your yellow Pie shaped Hero you get the good ol Mario and Luigi as your Hero's! You collect coins instead of dots and use th...
If you loved PacMan you will love this new style of PacMan called CubeMan (Kuchi) dedicated to the folks at PBMCube.
8bitrocket Pumpkinman8bitrocket Pumpkinman
Princess Pumpkin has been seize by the grievous Gordon Gruesome. He has unseeable her 30 levels unfathomable in his hideout. As Pumpkin...
Pacman ReturnsPacman Returns
A pacman thought teaser game. User has to cipher the teaser for every onelevel before nowadays up. Using 6 assorted colouration bricks,...
Retro arcade action! Guide NomMan around the maze eating the dots and avoiding the hungry ghosts. Eating the Power Pills will all...
Pacmans Snow MazePacmans Snow Maze
Pacman has somehow gained Ski's and all of a sudden its snowing. See if you can escape the maze and save pac man.
Speed Pac RunSpeed Pac Run
Speed Pac Run is a speed game in the spirit of the ’80 s. No score, no progression, no story: just you against your limits. Playe...
You are a human in the pacman maze. There are ghosts running after you and the same rules apply as normal pacman.
Pacos adventurePacos adventure
Pacos is same a pacman game but with a aggregation of disagreement : there is no maze, and everytime you take a bullet, a newborn spect...
8bitrocket Mission Leprechaun8bitrocket Mission Leprechaun
Gourdon Gruesome needs money. His inopportune finish at the safekeeping of Pumpkin Man has mitt him poor and without minions to do his ...
Retro motion finished a agitated maze. Munch your way to conclusion patch avoiding the filthy beasties.

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